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FORGOTTEN ON THE BAYOU is a true story about an unforgettable man who not only captured the attention of the world, but got a personal, one-on-one meeting with the President of the United States. Rockey's story proves that nothing is impossible.

Ghost Rider Pictures is proud to present a unique documentary about a man whose sheer determination got him all the way to the President of the United States. On August 29, 2005 Rockey Vaccarella survived Hurricane Katrina on his roof by holding onto a rope for 4 hours. That in itself is amazing, but the rest of the story is what captured the attention of America and much of the world.

Rockey and his family lost everything in the storm like so many others in his hometown of Mereaux, Louisiana, a small community just outside of New Orleans. But Rockey wanted to come home and rebuild his home and his neighborhood. Being a former Golden Gloves champion, Rockey refused to give up even though his home was devastated by 20 feet of flood water.

Nearly a year after the worst natural disaster in the history of America took everything he owned, Rockey set out on a mission to deliver a message to President George W. Bush. The message was simply: "Don't forget us, because the job is not done." On August 18, 2006, Rockey hooked up his FEMA trailer and journeyed from Louisiana to the White House. By the time he arrived in the nation's capitol, his story was being covered by the press around the world.
July 26, 2006
Rockey wrote this letter to President George W. Bush (click image below)
August 2006
Rockey makes national headline news!
(click image below)
August 29, 2007
President Bush
calls Rockey
from Airforce One
on the one-year anniversary of Katrina

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August 23, 2006
Rockey meets with President Bush at the Oval Office
(click image below to view the President's Website and his comments about this meeting)
Rockey and President Bush in the Oval Office, August 23, 2006
"When you have a dream and hope, get up and go do it."
Rockey Vaccarella, Hurricane Survivor and Dreamer
Mr. President,
the job's not done.  Don't forget about us.
You can
do it Rock!
'cause frankly,
I'm out of here!
Sept 12, 2007
President Bush
writes a personal letter to Rockey regarding the film
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Feb 22, 2008
Rockey invites the President to a special screening of the film in April
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