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Turning point of my life By Nupur Shirbhayye

Turning point of my life. I, Nupur an Interior Designer by profession born and brought up in a small village place but it never restricts me from keeping my aims high. With this purpose keeping hopes high I shifted to Nagpur to achieve my destiny which is to be carved by me on my own. But still I am a free bird and free will designer may be in my version I take my life seriously but till the day talking about, I was in same notion. Life was like fun and easy going for me night life, wild parties free expressing of living was by note to evolve my life. New Trends and fashion can define me to such an extent that life seems to so Super Cool to me. But things are going to take a “U” turn with a single casual visit of my life may be for Good, I don’t Know? A sudden lightning call from one of my friend “Nupur come down to my office immediately with your CV right now”. Just this much for that friend, no details of anything, nothing about office, nothing about type of work, and right now on thi…
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CORONA IS ALSO A BLESSINGLife after the Covid-19 outbreak will never be the same as before. We are at the beginning of the end, waiting for a new beginning. Planet Earth will break its cooperation agreement with mankind unless we urgently revise our behavior.Over the last month, I witnessed possibly the largest global emergency in my life. My grandfather used to told me, at that time while emergency like situation or war like situations occurs there were this kind of lockdown are happened. That time no shops are opened or not a single man are roaming on the roads or not a single person travels. And now I am experiencing the same kind of situation. Not because of actual war which were happened at that time but this is the kind of manmade thing , because of that all the World are battling with this. But I am in my happiest time after so long, in terms of staying at home for long time almost a month with family only. I have joint family so I am not getting bored of this lockdown but actu…


SINDHI CUISINEBefore I get into the most interesting topic, I would like to say that almost 50% of people are foodies they want to try each cuisine and every dish in the world and 50% are diet conscious. They think before eating. 
Sindhi’s are famous for their culture and their food. Sadly, the trend of fast food and exposure to national and international cuisines is drifting many youngsters away from the lovely sindhi cuisine. The ‘chips’ and ‘French fries’ generation hardly cares about Sindhi Kheecha, Papad. Mocktails and canned juices pushed into the corner, the home-made Rose Sherbet, Chandan sherbet. The artificially coloured branded Mithaai killed the trend of sharing Maajoon, Khus Khus jo Seero, Ladoo etc. Sindhis satisfy their ‘sweet cravings’ with gajar ka halwa (Gajrun jo seero), Rabri, Dried grated coconut mithai (Narel ji mithai), Singhar (sev) mithai. 
Probably the only places you can still enjoy Sindhi food are few eateries like Kailash Parbat, and Bhagat Tarachand, or el…

La' Quarantino

La' Quarantino

No wonder Corona is a curse to the world but during this period, for the very first time after my school life I am living with my family. Normally, in day to day life we all are so busy in our work and routine. So, this Corona turned out to be a blessing in disguise.
I never realized how much I missed them, how much I missed fighting with my sister, how much I missed my little Chinni who keeps following me all around the house. Never thought my day will be this hectic like office days and I would rarely miss office.
I’m not a very talkative person and like my silent peaceful time a lot but here people are so talkative that it's a huge mess all over and they keep involving me in their chit chat. I realized even with all the noise around, I'm still peaceful and content to be making most out of this lockdown. Yes, our thoughts and way of thinking are way too different. Sometimes I seriously think “Have I ever actually "lived" with my family? How co…

YEAR 2020 - Still watching FRIENDS!!!

YEAR 2020-Still watching FRIENDS!!!
Is it just me or does anybody else puts on FRIENDS in the background while doing work?Yeah!I guess, I am not alone. Well FRIENDSshowsusa very familiar story about working hard, trying to grow, getting together with the people you like, pretty much what I’ve always havewanted.