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Before we dive straight into the topic, I would like to share a short incident which I had experienced a while ago.
My cousin who lost her parents lately had a pet Pomeranian dog named Coral. Coral was left alone at their home as my cousin got shifted to her aunt's place. In the meantime, we were in search of a shelter home for this little munchkin Coral. After few days we found an adoption center for pets near my home and by not wasting much time we immediately shifted Coral to this new place. The very next day a guy from this center called me and complained about Coral howling all night. I assured him that she'll be all right in a day or two and that it would be because of her new surroundings.
I remember it was her third day at the center, I had taken my doggo Muffin for a walk early morning, the scene that I witnessed shocked me to my inner core! A few blocks away I saw Coral, completely covered up in mud and was tied to a pole with a nylon rope. I ran at her straight away and brought her home. She was shivering with fear, hungry and tired. I bathed her and gave her some food and water. It was my duty to complain about this terrible incidence. I called the guy at the center and threatened him that an FIR might be filed against you at police station, obviously he had to give rubbish excuse for what had happened, still he had to face some yelling. It came to our lights that she was chained up the whole time without water and food.
We cannot even imagine what she has gone through all along this whole situation as these silent animals cannot speak up for themselves. Today Coral is joyfully living at another animal shelter which we found for her after few days and made sure about her safety there and other animals too. Now we keep check on her on a regular basis and visit her more often to spend some fruitful time.
Imagine you've been locked in a chain for days without food and water not even knowing when you are going to get released. This doesn’t seem fun right!?
Watching an animal abuse can be disturbing and upsetting experience but knowing what to do in the situation can help save a life. So, here are some quick action items that you can do if you watch someone abusing animals: -
Get a veterinary care - Assuming that someone else will come out for help would be an incorrect thinking. Don’t wait. They need an immediate veterinary care for the injuries and other health conditions to survive. You can also contact an animal protection groups close to you.
Speak up - If you see something like this happening, do speak up for it. Don’t hesitate to tell people to stop doing it and there might be a legal action taken against them. If you come across children throwing stones at animals or birds, explain them why it’s an inhuman act to hurt animals.
Notify appropriate authorities - You can easily reach for them at and States Animal Husbandry Department. And, there are other animal welfare organizations as well.
Don’t let the criminals get away with abusing animals. There are many lawyers who are willing to help animals for free.
We ought to do something about this as these poor and mute animals haven’t even committed a crime, still paying the price for it and getting punished harshly.



  1. Richa an architect by profession lead architect of Concepts Architects and Interior designer is an excellent orator in expressing her life in words. An excellent words to pen down her love for animals in her own life...

  2. I have seen richa pouring her love for animals. She indeed is a dog-lover. Reading her point of view has really brought light to an underweighed issue. Its really good to see her standing up for the same...

  3. true animal lover.....amazing write-up.
    keep writing ,looking forward for more blogs.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Very Well Written. We are in here together.Keep up the good work Richa.

  6. Indeed this is one of the saddest story I have ever heard about pet. I know Richa very well being dearest cousin. Whatever she has done for Coral is commendable. She has been doing this such prominent things for Pets and that's the story to talk about.
    Keep it up
    #Petlover #Goodlife #Storyteller
    HighFive Rich


  7. I am personally a dog lover. Glad to know that you're helping them.
    Keep doing this great work.

  8. Richa is very much loving and caring when it comes to animals. I have observed her closely in the past, being my real sister, showing her affection towards the pets. In fact, the dog in this blog was named by Richa only- 'Coral' and she is caring for her since. Indeed an amazing message given by means of this blog that animal abuse should be stopped. Keep up the great work Rich...
    Proud of you..!!!

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  10. all time Dog lover, Richa ma'am u are such a kind persona, I have ever experienced in Concepts Office. A person who loves dogs are the most lovely persons in this world I believe. I can say this because even my lovely wife is also a hardcore dog lover 🥰 please spare me because I only had bitter experiences with dogs since my very childhood 😂 so have a kind of mild dog phobia, but overcoming it very fast no doubt will start loving dogs by heart pretty soon gonna have one at my home.

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