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Turning point of my life By Nupur Shirbhayye

Turning point of my life.

I, Nupur an Interior Designer by profession born and brought up in a small village place but it never restricts me from keeping my aims high. With this purpose keeping hopes high I shifted to Nagpur to achieve my destiny which is to be carved by me on my own. But still I am a free bird and free will designer may be in my version I take my life seriously but till the day talking about, I was in same notion. Life was like fun and easy going for me night life, wild parties free expressing of living was by note to evolve my life. New Trends and fashion can define me to such an extent that life seems to so Super Cool to me. But things are going to take a “U” turn with a single casual visit of my life may be for Good, I don’t Know?

A sudden lightning call from one of my friend “Nupur come down to my office immediately with your CV right now”. Just this much for that friend, no details of anything, nothing about office, nothing about type of work, and right now on this rainy day “Is he gone crazy”. But I might be crazier than him I started with same with no CV just to attain the interview. As I was approaching the location many thoughts hammering my head. Where? Who? And for What? And I am definitely going to reject it and just visiting as I was getting board at my place thought to have some Thrill.

I remember, it was 8th of June 2018, I somehow manage to reach on time…. May be not? Much unknown to everything, absolutely clueless, nor prepared for it, I was carrying nothing but only confidence Na many be over confidence I went for an interview. Looking into myself, till this day I was hard on myself, not letting go things and also not serious in life, kind of person I used to be. Well I was used to pushing myself towards to begin my carrier, but it couldn’t work out till this date. After completing my graduation I had lots of plans. There was no importance of time in my life but even thought I was always ambitious. Ok, I entered the office premises it was just a small office in my vision as my vision always dream of an office as big as Ambani’s, still I manage myself to make comfortable. While waiting for call in the lobby of office I was visualizing the interior of office and my so called interior designer’s genes were poking me to do so. Humm office OK not bad but not as per my taste, glamour in me was covers all my designing senses later I understand. Now it was my turn, bare handed key in one hand and shades in other entered the Den of so called Boss. Then something great happened!! I meet this person first time, My Boss!! Very simple and casual no aura of designer on face but there was something more the positively in the entire atmosphere around him. I was confident at the same time bit of nervousness too sitting in front of him. It was about more than two hours of interview consists of conversation like technical, nontechnical, general, social personal we had all these kinds of talk with so ease. I was still wondering what is going to help him or my work with all this kind of questions but I was wrong he was a reader and analyzer of person and qualities in u which the person was unaware of. I keep on observing everything I could with increasing curiosity a bouncer was thrown “Join us on Monday sharp 10:00 morning”. What the hell I got through and how with no CV no Portfolio How come? After discussing with my friend over there, he just said their more you would learn about him on joining. Yes indeed the vision was very much different when a person like me joined the office. In between couple of days before joining, I sincerely think about my future and decided to board this journey. Confessing truly the first day was totally uninteresting and rest four to five days were same. New place new people, and I never manage myself to sit for about 8 hours on same place doing same work, I was missing my old life before joining this office. But eventually, I overcome the situation. I went against all the thoughts which was making me feel low. I took things positively and started concentrating on my work given, no time limits no work limits. In my opinion as an employee, you may be so focused on your own goals that you forget that you are actually there to support your boss’s achieving his professional goals his vision and idea to prosper for which you as a part are accountable for. All these professional as well as personal grooming is taught by him like I am a kid right from Zero, means a fashion person was told about corporate dressing and behavior but still it was worth to capture as it has help me everywhere. Even after two years every single day feels the same as the teaching by him is not stopped and still I found myself as a kid in front of him. Watching Dreams Aims Goals, all this positive attitude gratitude towards work is what my boss has introduced it to me. When you spend a good majority of your time in an office, so it is very organic that you will establish or develop a close bond with the atmosphere we he always calls as his Family and when this dynamic can get little thicker, this kind of bond with your superior can leads to increase communication and boost your positive attitude towards the work. He taught me to be always a learner and thoughtful. He taught me to be creative but with polite attitude. Now this family is like to my own family and I see all the vision of company my own Aims to achieve that’s what experiencing now. We work, we travel, and we share opinions, thoughts too. I will never fail to confess our ugly fights and misunderstandings, during work I don’t think there has been no single or alternate day we haven’t had fights and that too bad ugly sometimes. But I can never will in front of the justifications and visions he always produce adding to a whole new dimension to my understanding. Now “Concepts” is more like a vision in my mind and Boss is a medium to aim much higher one can ever dream. Indeed, a person like me has changed to such an extent that even my parents and close friends can't recognized me now, and when you are called a “ Designer Nupur Mam” in the field u feel proud of the same day making one the most rightful decision of my life. Now I want to make my parent and even my Boss so proud of myself that one day he will make a remark but a positive creative on my work, that day is not far. Conquering all these things aside, we work hard to achieve every possible way to achieve our dreams and it will continue for the rest of the upcoming days.
Thank you my friend “Tapnesh” introducing me to this workplace and the person “Boss” from where my LIFE is always on a positive creative note.


This is what I can see my new version.

NUPUR 2.0… Designer Concepts Architects & Interior Designers...

Nupur Shirbhayye (Interior Designer)

Concepts Architects and Interior Designers


  1. Nupur an Interior designer in Concepts Architects and Interior Designers is a Multitasking person. She is known for her energy and dedication in work..

  2. The journey seems to be an adventure😄. Every detail is very well described. Long way to go gal.

  3. Always believed that you will do exceptionally well in this field of interest. There is a lot more to reveal, experience and achieve the benchmark. Wish you a very exciting and opportunistic journey ahead!

  4. Very well expressed....It is good to see the 2.0 version penning down such a beautiful journey and experience...
    keep going and all the best girl....

  5. You write like a professional up.Best luck.


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