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Life after the Covid-19 outbreak will never be the same as before. We are at the beginning of the end, waiting for a new beginning. Planet Earth will break its cooperation agreement with mankind unless we urgently revise our behavior.

Over the last month, I witnessed possibly the largest global emergency in my life. My grandfather used to told me, at that time while emergency like situation or war like situations occurs there were this kind of lockdown are happened. That time no shops are opened or not a single man are roaming on the roads or not a single person travels. And now I am experiencing the same kind of situation. Not because of actual war which were happened at that time but this is the kind of manmade thing , because of that all the World are battling with this. But I am in my happiest time after so long, in terms of staying at home for long time almost a month with family only. I have joint family so I am not getting bored of this lockdown but actually enjoying this time with my cousins ,I am like on my summer vacations after the school exams. L am now actually exploring myself. By cooking new dishes , at 5pm everyday we all cousins are in the kitchen to cook make some new things, experimenting new things everyday is not that much enjoyable as it is now. We used to play indoor games that we used to play in my childhood. And also I am adapting to do work from home with my favorite corners of home Or even laying on bed. And occasionally getting bored too , social distancing has given us an opportunity to come to closer to our self and our family.

As an Architect there also a downturn in my field. The Projects that have already begun design and construction phases are being closely monitored, and after lockdown We will see that clients are hesitant to sign contracts and award more work. That will also happen because of this. After that I noticed that this virus is curse for the economy of world bt its blessing for the nature. We all know about the ozone hole which is form by harmful effects on the environment caused by man-made air pollution over the years.
What comes a positive is that the largest hole in the Ozone layer-- spreading 1 million square kilometers-- above the Arctic has closed due to unusual atmospheric conditions.

The holy river Ganga is now flowing in its most purest form of water. And also all the rivers are healing it self’s. The pollution level not only in India but all over the World is decreased. Whether we see the current situation as a problem or a challenge, remember this. Every problem has a solution, and every challenge brings with it an opportunity. As individuals, I should be aware that this is the experience of a life-time, totally unique when we are all sailing the same boat — Even the two World Wars never brought the world to a halt, or on an even keel like this. It is curse for world but as a individuals it’s a kind of blessing so that I and we all got the opportunity to stay with our family.

Stay safe stay healthy And enjoy this days.

Ar. Mrunal Mankar
Concepts Architects & Interior Designers


  1. Quite a nice polite approach towards the issue of Covid-19. Mrunal mankar an architect by profession with an versatile personality is very much found of expressing her ideas on paper.. Keep it up

  2. The situation of every household is quite vividly explained.
    Yes, the pandemic is certainly serving as a blessing for people like us, who have access to many basic amenities. But, the situation all over the world cannot be ignored. And I pray, strength and strong willpower to all the individuals out there.

    Take care everyone. And try to make best use of this special time.

  3. Yeah! I totally agree with u. The situation has made us explore many things n we all have tried our hands at some or the other things 😃.
    Try new things everyone.💚
    N do take care of yourselves ..

  4. This pandemic has touched each one of our lives in some or the other way. Its very well portrayed in your blog. That was spoken well. Keep going gal. 😇

  5. Nice Approach Mrunal...!!! Keep it up...

  6. This lockdown has given me the opportunity to witness the writing skills of my little sister... Good one Mrunal...keep writing...
    Sanjay Bhau

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. A view to look towards the life events with altogether a different approach. ✌🏻😊

  9. Quite different perspective towards the global pandemic and lockdown situation. A classic nd nice try to present the old scenario and comparing that to present. Keep writing Ar. Mrunalini senior

  10. Very aptly explained the covid crisis, a blessing in disguise for some people.
    Very well written and expressed.Keep going mrunalini...!!

  11. Nicely explained ,keep it up !!

  12. Nicely written and Beautifully composed .
    Yes there is situation like war everywhere but one can learn,develop and polish their skills in same situation.
    Every profession is under threat of economical imbalance but we can work more from our home to increase and stabilize the economy.
    Our surrounding glisk is healing and and refreshing without pollution , looks beautiful too.
    Lastly I would like to appreciate Mrunal for sharing her own experience on impact of current scenario in her life .

  13. Very optimistic approach ����


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