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Before I get into the most interesting topic, I would like to say that almost 50% of people are foodies they want to try each cuisine and every dish in the world and 50% are diet conscious. They think before eating. 
Sindhi’s are famous for their culture and their food. Sadly, the trend of fast food and exposure to national and international cuisines is drifting many youngsters away from the lovely sindhi cuisine. The ‘chips’ and ‘French fries’ generation hardly cares about Sindhi Kheecha, Papad. Mocktails and canned juices pushed into the corner, the home-made Rose Sherbet, Chandan sherbet. The artificially coloured branded Mithaai killed the trend of sharing Maajoon, Khus Khus jo Seero, Ladoo etc. Sindhis satisfy their ‘sweet cravings’ with gajar ka halwa (Gajrun jo seero), Rabri, Dried grated coconut mithai (Narel ji mithai), Singhar (sev) mithai. 
Probably the only places you can still enjoy Sindhi food are few eateries like Kailash Parbat, and Bhagat Tarachand, or else on the streets of Sindhi dominated areas for example in Nagpur (Khamla and Jaripatka) and in Ulhasnagar, Chembur and Bhopal etc. Snacks like Dal pakwaan, Sindhi Koki, Sindhi patties with chola and dal moong increase the delicacy of Sindhi cuisine. In summer Raw mango Muraba, Awla Muraba and Sindhi pickles of mango and vegetables etc. Sindhis can make pickle of anything like garlic, green chillies, carrot, onion, cauliflower and many more these pickles are water based with regular oil and mustard seeds. Main course includes Sindhi Pulav, Sindhi Kadhi, Sindhi Degh, Sindhi Saibahji, Sindhi Tairi, Bheepatata, Sindhi Lolo. 
Being a Sindhi I love to eat and love to cook Sindhi cuisine apart from all the national and international cuisines Sindhi cuisine is my favourite as it is the vibrant one, sizzling and dazzling with lots of flavours , and a wonderful amalgamation of delish sweets, perfectly tangy curries, mildly flavoured gravies rich and wholesome biryanis, wide array of seasonal vegetables, awesome variety of flatbreads. The cuisine is simply invincible at least for true blooded Sindhis. 
Sindhi cuisine refers to the native cuisine of the Sindhi people from Sindh, Pakistan. Today, Sindhi food is eaten in many countries including India, where a sizeable number of Hindu Sindhis migrated following the independence in 1947. Before Independence, the State of Sindh was also under the then called Bombay and Sindh. Due to its proximity with Gujarat, Rajasthan and political ties with then Bombay, it shared similar culinary traditions. 
Sindhis in Ulhasnagar have preserved this tradition in the form of few special dishes like Batan Papdi, Sev Dal Sandwich, Dahi Sev Puri, etc. I hope you will enjoy reading a short summary on Sindhi cuisine. I’m not at all an expert but a lover of Sindhi cuisine and I am very grateful that I am able to share something about my favourite cuisine. I want that the whole world should have a glimpse of Sindhi cuisine and culture. Let the Sindhi food be counted in the popular cuisines in the world. I hope after sharing this blog on Sindhi cuisine there will be an increase in the Sindhi food lovers.

-Ar. Roshani jethani (Architect)

concepts architects and interior designers



  1. Roshani Jethani architect by profession in Concepts Architects & Interior Designers is known for her Creative Cooking Skills. As blog shows she is very much found of Sindhi Food but even she is excellent in all other Cuisine. Roshani is a composed, polite and self made person, with as excellent leadership quality she knows how to respect relations and Work.

  2. delicious roshani
    i have known you and your delicious yummy cooking truly are a gem and this blog of yours speaks the same..
    all the best girl...keep going...

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