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Everyone at some age joins tuition class. Maybe in I, V or X standard or even during graduation but do you ever wonder what the tuition teacher's kids do. Ok! There you go and Yes! You’ve guessed it right. I am a teacher's daughter. My personal experience says that the kids whose parents are not teachers by profession always think that we kids with a teacher-parent(s) are lucky because we’ve got a teacher available at our disposal 24x7 at home. Well it's true, they are 24X7 available to us but not as a teacher but as a combo of mother + teacher (Glad that only my mother is a teacher). I have always seen my mother solving her students’ doubt for the 2000th time (Exaggerating!!!). But when I used to ask her the same doubt for the 3rd time she would reply, "Satrashe pannas wela tech sangu ka tula?" (Translation: - "Should I tell you the same thing for 1750th time?").
Here is another example
If one of her brightest students gets good marks in exam, “Bhaisahab unse hoshiyaar koi nahi aisi tareef” (Translation: - They would get an appreciation as if no one is more intelligent than them). And if I get good marks, she’ll just ignore. When I ask her why she did so, she used to say “Tu jaminiwar rahawis mhanun”. (Translation: - To keep you grounded) The struggle is real guys. 
Now one most memorable experience that I have
My mother is basically a maths and science teacher. I remember when I was in 12th I had tuitions for Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry at a renowned Institute. I personally never liked Chemistry, so it was a challenge to score good marks at it. So I went to the tuition and college studied the subject did my homework and everything. But when it was my final HSC chemistry paper, it was not the tuition teacher or the college lecturer who helped me, it was my mom who taught me chemistry in just 7 days and I passed that exam with flying colours.
But a friend, jokes apart, mom who is a teacher is a blessing. You can literally ask her your doubts no matter what time of the day it is. She always has our back and our homework is always complete and correct.  

- Nupur Sandeep Fadnavis   (Interior Designer)


  1. Nupur is an Interior designer by profession in Concepts architects and Interior designers, Nagpur. Her creative expression of herself in not only seen in her work but her words too. The relation of the two is expressed in so simplified manner so that every one could connect this the meaning and expression she needs to express...
    Many more to come from her..

  2. Hey Nupur!! Nice one 🙂 I liked reading it. You've got a nice style to your writing with that mix of humour. Keep at it ✌️

  3. Nupur its a beautiful piece by you😘 connected and so full of love..keep going, looking forward to read more of your witty writings.😁

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  5. Nicely expressed yours experience in well constructed words, bless you

  6. Hey Noopur,
    Thanks for sharing, My mother also seems to be a teacher, guide and much more. Mother's love is never ending ❤. We look forward to discuss on more topics with you.
    All the best..��

  7. Expressed in very simple and decent words .
    Keep it up!

  8. That touched our hearts. Beautifully written. Keep writing gal ;).

  9. Hey Nupur, always been an admirer of your writing. You expressed the relationship in such a lovely way.keep it up Nupur

  10. छान लिहितेस तू ! लिहित रहा ! संदीप ला खूप आनंद झाला असता तुझे लिखाण वाचून !

  11. Heart touching ❤️ Keep writing ✍️


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