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YEAR 2020 - Still watching FRIENDS!!!

YEAR 2020 - Still watching FRIENDS!!! 
Is it just me or does anybody else puts on FRIENDS in the background while doing work? Yeah! I guess, I am not alone. Well FRIENDS shows us a very familiar story about working hard, trying to grow, getting together with the people you like, pretty much what I’ve always have wanted.  
Its almost 26 years and still FRIENDS remains the favourite sitcom for almost everyone. The 6 characters from the sitcom are not just characters, they literally are your friends. They connect with you. I think the reason they are able to connect is that the show never ruled out the harsh realities of life. Be it Rachel waitressing after leaving her father’s money, Monica taking up that awfully sucking costume-worn job at some café, Joey’s constant struggle during his acting career, Phoebe and Chandler even after having such a bad childhood they turning out to be good. It could easily be anybody’s 20s life.  
Being a FRIENDS fan myself, who has watched the show as many times as the number of seasons it has, I am so into it that I would still laugh my ass off in the episode of ‘ TOW no one is ready’ or I would cry whenever Ross and Rachel breakup, I’d still go aww everytime Chandler proposes to Monica, I fall for Joey everytime he asks ‘How you doin?, and Chandler one liners - ‘could he be any more sarcastic?’.  
And that’s why even after more than two decades FRIENDS remains FRIENDS. It not only has its perfect comic timing and chandler’s one liners sarcasm, but also its own moments too. For me, the best being when phoebe talks to her embryos. It is difficult to start over a new career after a time, but the show made us understand that it’s never too late to follow your dream job. It taught me to be okay if you are weird and still be happy while embracing it.  
FRIENDS has also shown support to different taboos or issues in the society. Be it homosexuality, lesbians getting married, unconventional ways of conceiving babies. Well, put the actors in any other movie or series, it’ll still be FRIENDS for me. I could be given plenty of other series to watch and I still would end up watching FRIENDS over and over again. It is sometimes like a lullaby to me. I can watch any of the episodes in any mood and I’ll end up having a smile on my face. And as I am writing this, I am watching Chandler planning to propose Monica, I am so gonna finish this time and will somehow start again from 
“Could I be any more into FRIENDSverse.” 



  1. Julee architect by profession in Concepts Architects and Interior Designers. Julee is kind of live person full of enthusiasm and this is shown in every work she undertake.

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  3. Enjoyed reading it.
    So nicely written

  4. one of the best series ....its a stress-buster
    nice blog julee..

  5. Awesome blog julee, F.R.I.E.N.D.S always on priority list. Every sarcastic dialogues, nd humor is like a medicine in every emotional condition. Keep writing abt F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

  6. "SEVEN!" we shared that :D. Got instantly connected to your blog, felt all of that.
    Very well written buddy. Keep rolling. :*


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